Spain – part 1

Area Recreativa Mas Ventos

Somewhere along the way 😀

A hidden Area Recreativa Pedrera La Morera

Area Recreativa in D’hortsavinya. There was a cute kitty that meowed all day long :D. In the forest we discovered a fruit that grows on a tree called Strawberry Tree! It’s sweet and tastes like a wild strawberry with a tropical hint 😀

In Madrid we met our old friend Jorx who makes cute planes and other art from recycled stuff. Thanks for the gift Jorx! Visit his page and see what else he creates:

The next day we had a short course how to play native flutes. Agnes showed us some techniques and a huuuge collection!

And the next day, we made a course with Jose – a true master of playing and fabricating instruments. It was a magical experience creating our own native flutes and eating delicious food prepared by Paloma. His collection of all kinds of wind and percussive instruments blew our mind!! 

Adam playing his true Kill Bill’s flute in Puerto Lapice.

Along the way to the coast in Sierra De Cazorla, we visited our old friends – Patricia, Loli and Patricio, (with cats – Alegria, Churretes and a dog Bambi). Together we prepared Gacha- a traditional sweet pudding with roasted bread prepared only for the day of all saints. We also ate roasted chestnuts – a delicious discovery of the year!

Sierra De Cazorla

Cabo de Gata National Park with San Pedro hippie village by the beach. There was a Pirate Bar! 😀

We liked San Pedro a lot – specially kitties that live there!

Area of Las Negras

A bit more inland we found a three storey Area Recreativa with lots of benches, grill and water. We stayed there a few days eating delicious roasted chestnuts :D. Unfortunetely after a couple of days the weather changed so we decided to come back to the coast.

But the weather there wasn’t much better.

Maybe Sierra Nevada mountais? Definietly great for some cloud photos 😀

It was too close to the snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada…Let’s try coast again!


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