Stops – Czechia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, France

Off season (18/09/2018 – 21/10/2018)
With the help of Park4Night and Osmand apps. In Osmand you need to enable showing POIs and select “Leisure” category to display, then look for Picnic Sites and Parkings. Check them first using satellite images – overlay map needs to be enabled for that.

Click the big map above to see it on google maps. Clicking the individual map locations below photos work the same


1. Small lake, fisherman’s huts nearby

2. Big parking by the lake next to the busy road

3. Quiet place by the lake, with enough privacy to play the guitar


4. Parking by the lake with toilets and picnic tables, next to the restaurant 


5. Private parking (but free) next to the farmhouse

6.  A small forest road with a shining moon

7. Giant recreational area by the river with ping pong tables and toilets


8. Small parking between the trees

9. Private beach parking, only for some club members 😉

10. Quiet and isolated space (enough to play the guitar)

11. Private property parking next to a beautiful beach

12. Parking on the beach (paid).

13. Villa Nike (15€ per person), highly recommended, free washing machine, delicious grilled veggies, next o the beach

14. Parking next to a petanka field 

15. Free camping space offered by a local woman. She will greet you with fresh apple juice with mint


16. Starting point for Nordic walking, isolated enough to play the guitar

17. Parking / grass field in the village by the sea

18. Parking close to the beach, awful factories around

19 & 22. Best spot in Italy for overnight stay – looong parking just by the beach

20. Private parking (in the summer probably camping space) in the middle of a city

21. Small parking at the end of Almafi coast

22. Quiet parking in some summer residential area, with cats 🙂

23. Parking just by the beach


24. Tiny parking in the village, very narrow road on a private property. Location lost (40min form Paloma Beach).

25,26,27. Observatory, Cap de Roux, the most awesome place in Southern France. Next to a park with red mountains and cute beach with great snorkeling.

28. Off road parking, cool mountains in the distance, worth coming back when the weather is nice and check them out

29.  Parking in Natural Park Plaine les Maures

30. Abandoned house, somewhere waaaay off road, not even on the map 😀

40. Parking before the entrance to Calanques National Park, next to a busy road

41. Parking by the entrance to Regional Park Camargue, close to the road

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