Stops – Spain – part 1

In Spain is so easy to find Areas Recreativas [AR] – places where surrounded by nature with hiking trails. You can park there at night, prepare a hot meal on a grill and eat it by one of the many tables. Usually, there is also water and a trash bin there. 😀 Just perfect!

Mas Ventos [AR]

Lots of tables in the forest, views on the sea,  hiking trails and an old Monasterio ruins

Pedrera La Morera [AR]

Hidden Area Recreativa in the village – lots of tables & grills by the small quarry with a lake, great radio internet connection

Escola D’hortsavinya [AR]

Parking by the small church and school in the middle of mountains. Stone tables, hiking trails, water, radio internet working on the hill close by. As an extra – a cute kitty that meows all day long :D. A quite narrow dirt road for 5km to the destination.


Parking by the road by the lake. It was raining all day so we left without  exploration of the area.


Small open hut nearby the motorway. Freezing in November

Parque Moralzarzar [AR]

A parking next to the park. We came to Moralzarzar to take a class on playing a native flute. Inside the park there are a few benches and nice view.

Dejesa Del Sotillo [AR]

Area Recreativa next to the motorway. We just stayed overnight and headed to Madrid. Quite a few benches there and nice forest

Cazador De Sonidos

We spend the night at Jose’s place. Jose is a master of playing and fabricating flutes. It was a magical experience creating a native flute and eating delicious food prepared by Paloma. Location: Madrid 

Puerto Lapice

A cute parking by the windmills overlooking the valley

Camping La Chopera

A camping in Sierra De Cazorla. We stayed for one night visiting friends.

Coto Rios

Parking by the river, with a few benches on the other side

Sierra De Cazorla

Parking by the hiking trail that goes to an old orchard with figs and pomegranates


Parking by the unexplored Area Recreativa. A rainy day.

Las Negras

Parking by the beach

Cala De San Pedro

Parking 30 minutes from Cala De San Pedro.

Camping La Caleta

Something wrong with the photo 😀

La Limera, Turre [AR]

Giant 3-floor Area Recreativa, with benches, grills and water. Hiking trails and beautiful views. Radio internet working 1km from the place.

Los Malenos

Parking opposite the Cortijo Los Malenos

Las Higueras

Parking by an informational center

Parking by camping Escullos

Private area, but you can have a shower for 3 euro on the camping.

San Jose

By the main road from San Jose.

El Cristal [AR]

Giant Area Recreativa with water, excellent radio internet connection, a LOT of benches in a nice forest

Lujar De Andarax

Freeeeeeezing Area Recreativa in the valley by the river. Too close to a village to far for radio internet connection.

By La Rabita

A big parking with a small road leading to a hideen beach. Along the way, there is a tunnel where the musical instruments get a different dimension. During the day a cute kitty will keep you company 😀


Our kingdom! Absolutely everything we need is here!

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