We are a couple that is literally C-R-A-Z-Y about cats 🙂

We had several cats before. Now we are not able to have our own cats anymore (due to constant traveling) so cat-sitting is for us a great opportunity to have a temporary but deep contact with them.

We looove taking photos of cats, if we will help you, you can be sure you’ll end up with tons of artistic photos of your kitties!

La Muela cat-sitting

We had a great opportunity to take care of 2 cute kitties in a Spanish village. Pamuk and Feivel really loved each other!

The owner – Katrin, was very happy with us and delighted to receive such lovely pics every day 😀

We had a very pleasure experience with Ana. It was just to have her sitting our cats and house. Would recommend her 100%”

Katrin H.

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The following year we were invited again 😀

This time Feivel wasn’t with us… But Yoyo made sure that Pamuk doesn’t feel lonely!

Nerja kitty sitting

We loved the experience of taking care of the cats, when another opportunity presented itself – we jumped straight into it :D. The family that interviewed us was impressed – when usually scared of the people kitty Blackie jumped straight onto Adam’s lap HAHA!!

We took care of two kitties and a dog Rocky 😀

The owner – Susana was super happy!

“Anna and Adam are beautiful people. Respectful and fun. My cat that is usually afraid of strangers hopped onto Adams lap the first day to get a nice back rub :-)) We felt very at easy around them and for the time we were away I was able to fully relax knowing that they were taking very good care of our 2 cats and our dog and also our veggy garden and plants around the house. We will definitely ask them to sit again when we have to or want to travel!! You gave us the peace of mind we needed for the time we couldn’t be at home! Thank you again so much! Susana”


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The first outbreak of COVID-19 caught us at the beginning of cat-sitting adventure in Beneficio. We supposed to take care of 11 cats for two weeks but because of the lockdowns all around the world – we ended up taking care of them for three months!

We can’t imagine better solution for that difficult situation 😀

Velez de Benaudalla

We had a greeeeat pleasure to take care of two kitties – Leo and Carlito, along with their friend – Danka. Although Danka is a dog they got along quite good with each other 😀

Once we were on a walk with Danka, and along the way we met Leo and Carlito hanging around. We invited them for a walk and since then we have been going for walks together haha! It was very funny to see the kitties waiting for us at 19:00 sharp in front of the house to go for a walk.

We were there for two months and during this period we were sending 5 high-quality pics per day, so we have a huge collection to show in this post. Here are some of them:


There is nothing better than taking care of my best friend’s cat!! Bezia just moved to a new house, so she was a little bit intimidated by the hugeness of it :D. But every day we were taking care of her mental health, showing her around and hugging her a lot!

Raising 4 little miracles

We love new adventures with kitties :D. We had an opportunity to help the cutest mother on earth – Dulci. We took good care of her and her 4 newborns, giving lots of love food and toys 😀


Cat-sitting in Poland 😀


Our first kitty!


We lived in Almunecar for 4 years and there are loads of cats on the street. So almost every day we were giving them food and water. They were always scared and almost never cuddle, but we never gave up :D. We named them all and we were happy to see them every day. And now – when we travel we always look for an opportunity to say hello to every cat we meet on our way. We always carry a cat food with us and we meet a lot of furry friends along the way 😀


Once we rescued a 3-week kitten that fell from a height to a basement in our building.

We brought her to life and managed to give her away into a good hands (not the first person that came around) – to a woman who has 13 cats and a special cab to drive them (she has a house in Herradura, Rome, New York..) She took her just for a couple of weeks to search for the home for her (we were leaving Spain and she wanted to help us) but at the end, she couldn’t give her away :D. So I guess we did a good job!

While searching for a home for her we even did a website with the story, photos, and videos and printed flyers with a link to it.

Here is the full story 😀

Cuando Chapou tuvo 4 semanas por Una de éstas ESTUVO en TRASTERO sin salida…

When Chapou  as 4 weeks old she was trapped for one week without exit

Comparte su historia con tus amigos!

Share the story with your friends! Help us find a home for Chapou!

Primero se escuchó el sonido de misteriosos maullidos. De la tercera plata pudimos localizar una manchita blanca chillando entre hojas detrás de nuestro edificio. Seguramente se deslizó y cayó allí.

Nadie tenía la llave del trastero y no sabíamos cómo sacar a la gatita

Probamos varios métodos.

Finalmente construimos un ascensor para ella con una botella de plástico. Además, usamos un palo largo para ayudarla a entrar en el ascensor.

First there was the sound of a mysterious miaow. From the third plan we have located a white squeaking spot at the back of our apartment block among leaves. She had to slip off and fall in there.

Nobody could enter this place to take her out.

We tried various methods. Finally we’ve constructed a lift for her from a plastic water bottle. Plus a long stick to help her enter the lift.

Era pequeñita y suavecita.

She was tiny and weak.

A pesar de la caída desde la altura, no parecía tener huesitos rotos. ¡Cantó con felicidad!

Despite the fall from the height, she did not look to have broken bones. She sang with happiness!

Le alimentamos de una botella con leche especial para gatitos pequenitos . Fuimos a un veterinario – Chapou estaba bien. Sólo recibió gotas para ojos que funcionaron de inmediato.

We fed her a special milk for little cats from a bottle. We went to a vet – she was healthy. Only got eye drops that worked right away.

La abrazábamos mucho mientras descansaba. A ella le gusta especialmente dormir en un cuello en una posición divertida.

We cuddled her a lot while she was resting. She especially likes to sleep on a neck in a funny pose.

Chapou rápidamente se convirtió en una inspiración fotográfica 😀

Chapou quickly became our photographic inspiration 😀

Después de unos días ya no necesitaba la botella y comenzó a comer otra comida. Ha estado usando la cubeta desde el primer día, nunca ha hecho nada fuera de ella.

Ater a few days she didn’t need the bottle any more and started eating other food. She was using the cuvette from day 1, never did anything outside it.

Estuvimos tratando de encontrar a su verdadera mamá. Había varias candidatas en nuestro barrio. No la encontramos, pero Chapou ha visitado algunos lugares agradables en el proceso.

We were trying to find her real mom. There were several candidates in our area. We didn’t make it but Chapou has visited a few nice places in the process.

Comparte su historia con tus amigos! Ayuda a nosotros encontrar una casita para ella!!

Share the story with your friends! Help us find a home for Chapou!

Lamentablemente Chapou no puede quedarse con nosotros porque saldremos de España. Ayuda a nosotros encontrar una casita para ella!

Unfortunately Chapou can’t stay with us because we have to leave Spain. Help us find a home for her!

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