Spain – Kitty-Sitting :D – Velez De Benaudalla

We had a greeeeat pleasure to take care of two kitties – Leo and Carlito, along with their friend – Danka. Although Danka is a dog they got along quite good with each other 😀

Once we were on a walk with Danka, and along the way we met Leo and Carlito hanging around. We invited them for a walk and since then we we going for walks togeter haha! It was very funny to see the kitties waiting for us at 19:00 sharp in front of the house to go for a walk 😀

We were there for two months and during this period we were sending 5 high quality pics per day, so we have a huge collection to show this time! Enjoy!

Leo and Carlito:

Leo is a true model 😀

Carlito is a handsome poser 😀

Danka is a bit crazy haha!

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