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In September 2018 we’ve started a new adventure – traveling with our Van around Europe. On this website, we collect the most beautiful photographs from our trip and we also share locations where we stayed.

Here is our other blog with our adventures from South America with pictures, locations and detailed descriptions in 3 languages (Polish, English, and Spanish):

We’re not looking for a place to stay but an environment where we can immerse ourselves in interesting projects, help people and learn new skills.

We love diving deep into projects, getting to understand them deeply and develop comprehensively. For instance, once we engaged into a website building project. From 800 manually created websites, we expanded it to an automated system managing 10,000 websites with about 400,000,000 pages monitored by an Android app we created.

We’re self-development freaks. After listening to hundreds of audiobooks on the subject we’ve managed to quit our 9-5 jobs and created an Android app for time management and self-monitoring. We’ve got many thanks for it from people developing their businesses, getting out of depression and dealing with ADHD. The app has over 100,000 downloads now:

We’ve also devoted a lot of time to meditation and building awareness. We particularly love the Toltec philosophies and Don Miguel Ruiz’s work:

Another area of awareness that we explore continually relates to the body, good eating habits and good nutrition. We explored many options even raw veganism. We’re not fanatics, pretty open-minded about it at this stage, but with a strong preference for eating plants. So also a lot of interest in vegetarian and vegan cooking. Just with diet, hating medication in general, we managed to reverse Anna’s thyroid problems and early stages of diabetics in just a year, which her doctor couldn’t believe 😀

Having spinal problems in the past we’re very interested in its prevention and rehabilitation, McKenzie’s techniques, loved the “Body by Science” book and used its program with great success to improve the way we approach our physical side:

With our passion for graphic design, website development and programming in multiple languages we’ve created our own online creative studio where we help entrepreneurs build their brand images and online presence, create marketing campaigns, etc. One of our entry points:

Although we love technology we also like to get our hands dirty, DIY of every kind. We’ve built our own hydroponics system from scratch and grew our vegetables. We’ve converted our van into a nice tent on wheels and enjoy living in it very much. We helped to expand a water delivery system in a hippie village.

We love music – listening and playing. Many genres and various instruments (djembe / doumbek / hand drums, guitar, bass guitar, harmonica, recorder, native flute). We know how to fabricate native american flutes and we have with us a couple we made ourselves.

We love nature, trekking in mountains, snorkeling in the sea, survival in the wilderness (and we went through a few training courses on the subject). We trekked several countries in South America for half a year, built a raft and fished for Piranha in Bolivia’s Madidi jungle, learned to ride horses in Argentina, enjoyed an 8.9 earthquake in Chile in the middle of Andes just next to its epicenter.

We also love animals (particularly cats). We had multiple animals along the course of our lives. Now we travel too much to have one, so one of the things we’re looking for is contact with animals.

We also love photography so we created a separate gallery for cats that we’ve met along the way 😀 https://vanvivautzyo.anabi.org/kitties/


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